Objective & Purpose

Fostering and Promoting

To develop, maintain, promote and deliver professional training courses within the framework of the Wood Energy Technical Training Program (WETT) for practitioners of trades related to the sale, installation, maintenance and inspection of systems using wood and other biomass fuels.

To maintain a registry containing the names of valid WETT certificate holders and those who are students under the program.

To foster and promote the highest levels of professional conduct to certificate holders who deliver services to the public.

To encourage and promote the safe and efficient use of wood energy through the distribution of public information materials and collaboration with government agencies and related industries.

To foster and promote research and education about wood as a source of energy.

To promote the interests and activities of organization members reasonably and legally.

To provide a forum for the discussion of issues of importance or interest to members and to share information and opinions for the mutual benefit of the members.

To carry on such other activities as may, from time to time, be ordered by the Board of Directors of the organization and which are consistent with these objectives.



We Train and Certify for Your Safety

Ensuring knowledge of and adherence to wood-burning system safety regulations among those who provide professional services to consumers.

For Consumers